I'm in love with a man 12 years older than me, do you think I have a chance?

This man I used to work with (he switched buildings) we became friends along with a few others we work with. I've been working their since I'm 19. I consider him a close friend. He had a fiancee when we first met but that ended soon after I met him. He's dated one other women for a couple months since then but right now he's not seeing anyone. I never told him I like him because I thought he might think I'm too young (almost 21) for him. The girl he was dating he said was 26.
He thinks Selena Gomez is hot and she looks really young like I do, we also have the same coloring. Sadly that and the fact that he flirts sometimes and complements me a lot gives me a little hope.
God all he has to do is smile at me or hug me and my heart feels like it's going to flutter right out of my chest. His damn hugs turn me on. That's new. He just smells so good he's so much bigger than me. His hugs last a while too. When he's been drinking he always has his arm over me. He dances with me when we go places but we never go places without other people. I'm pretty sure he knows I want him. That kinda upsets me because if he does he hasn't made a move. He doesn't act this touchy feely with the other women we hangout with. One of the women said he's making her jealous (sort of jokingly) he just shrugged and hugged me closer and said she's my favorite person. He also texts me a good bit almost every day. Sending funny messages or pictures I like. We don't text about anything meaningful though. He's also never on his phone when I'm around him. I'm nitpicking everything. Lol
Obviously my lust is starting to go off the charts but I do want more than that. He has been a great friend and I know he's a great guy. So do you think he might think I'm too young? Or if you're in your early 30's what could be his problem? Should I just tell him? I'm sure you'll say tell him but I need to prepare for the reasons he might turn me down. He's more confusing to me than any guy I've dated.

I think I'm going to tell him when he and another friend of mine take me out for my 21st birthday. I might need a little bit of liquid courage. Ha


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  • Of course you do my last girl was almost 13 years younger then me

    • Yeah but since I'm not even drinking age yet and still getting my life together wouldn't that bother him. We don't work together anymore but we work for the same company. He makes a lot more than I do. He's been working there since he was 20 and is important. I am still living pay check to pay check and going to school. Wouldn't this bother him to get romantically involved with me?

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    • Good luck

    • Thanks for MH my friend

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  • just be open and honest. I say this as a guy who's 38


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  • He might find you too young.

  • Of course! Age is just a number. I've dated a guy 17 years older than me.