I text this girl but she doesn't text me?

So I like this girl and I asked if she likes me and she sad yes. So me and her went to our semi formal together and went out on a date for valentines day and we went out for dinner and I got her chocolates, teddy bear and flowers. she tells me at the end of the night she had fun. we held hands on the date for a bit. we have started to get to know each other but the problem is that I always have to text her and she doesn't text me unless I text her first. she replies to my texts all the time tho. so if she doesn't put the effort to text me and I have to text her, does that mean she is not interested in me? help please? :D


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  • No, it does not mean that. She could just be getting good advice not to chase a guy and bug him with texts and calls. Keep going out with her and dating. I think a lot of girls and women who are more old fashioned and don't initiate the calls or texts, do change that once they are in a relationship.

    • Before I dropped her at home I gave her a hug and gave her a kiss on the check and when I pulled out I texted her saying I had fun and said going to talk to you tomorrow, hopefully we can do this again and said good night. she txts back that she had a really fun time and said goodnight. and I haven't texted her at all today

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    • Ya, I'm going to see her this weekend, she is always glad to hang out with me. but she's a really shy girl too. if this helps she is the principals daughter at my school. her parents are really happy and fine that I'm spending time with her because they know I'm a good kid

    • There you have it. Keep dating her and good luck!

  • Hm, maybe she's just busy, but you know , you shouldnt make it so easy on her, she knows your gonna text so she's not gonna text you, so tommorow or tonight , don't text her, ill bet she texts you and if not I bet she's thinkin about you (:

    • I think I'm going to do that. I haven't texted her all day today.

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