I want a whole new personality?

I have friends and a job, but I want more and I want to have options when it comes to dating, not just take what I get. To be able to talk my way into and out of any situation, and into and out of any relationship. If I have that I don't need to spend money. I want this because no one ever liked me the way I was and stuck by me for the person I was. I don't want to have to spend money on a woman and give her free rides just to say I have one. I make jokes and talk to people but it's not enough to have what I want on a social level and I want it FAST.


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  • We don't need big changes: one small confortable change is what impels you to the next.

  • Ok OP..

    -Start lifting
    -Inject 250mg Testosterone Enethate twice a week
    -Blast and cruise
    -Acquire aesthetics
    -Lift some more
    -Start slaying sloots
    -Invest in the market and acquire currency
    -Go to EDC with 10 caked up sloots do a chit load of cocaine and nail every single one of them
    -Now you have developed the personality of a true alppa male.

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