We're friends in a relationship limbo?

Within my friend group, everyone is very close and we essentially brother/sister-ed each other very early. There is one friend, though, who I talk to almost all the time (we kinda don't shut up to each other) and over the last year and a few months, and we've become really close. We do some couple-y things like watch movies and cuddle, but we stay far, far away from talking about relationships or emotions, so I don't know where I stand on his radar. Sometimes he does things that make me think he likes me, but then it feels almost like he's reminding me that I'm still a friend. If either of us have someone who likes us but we don't want that person to keep pursuing us, whoever is having the problem will have pretend to be the boy/girlfriend.

A recent event spurred me into trying to figure out what he meant to me, and I think I like him. ( I THINK I do at least-I don't have a crush on him but entertaining the thought of him dating someone else makes me feel possessive.)

A while ago, he told me how he got wrecked by his crush, and given my own emotional mental whatever I think we're scared of hurting and being hurt by one another. I'd rather not go back to self-isolation land and block him out, but I'm worried that if I do something and it goes wrong, there goes one of my Brothers and one of my very good friends.

This 'we're dating without actually dating' thing has been going on for maybe 4, 5 months? I dunno, it's giving me a headache and my other friend won't stop flipping out about how much she ships us. What the hell do I do about this? Do I say something or do I keep the friendship as just a friendship?

I ended up going over to his dorm and we hung out and watched Netflix and then slept together. Not like sex kind of sleep together, we just fell asleep in the same bed cuddling.
Resolved- we're together now :)


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  • I think keep things

    • Continued. I think keep things the way they are. If you cross that friend line with dating and it doesn't work out then you risk losing a boyfriend and a friend. I do get the feeling he may like you but is to shy to pursue those feelings.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote.

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