Am I being too greedy?

Ok so I am currently sick with a bad cold. I don't have the comfort from parents or friends because I don't really have a lot of friends. I also have a child who is sick. When I'm sick all I want is my boyfriend here to help me and take care of me and give me the comfort I'm looking for. However my boyfriend is going to hang out with his friends tomorrow (they are girls) and I feel hurt because he knows I'm sick and want him here. He came over last night and helped and also canceled plans to begin with. I know I can get over emotional about things, but am I wrong to feel upset because I feel he would rather hang out with his friends then be here to help me feel better? What would you do in my circumstances. Please no rude replies.


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  • sorry you're sick :/

    well, he cancelled his plans yesterday to take care of you... so... i think it's reasonable that he keeps tonight's plans. i don't think you can really expect him to drop all of his plans because you have a cold... :/

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