Is the same thing happening to me again?

In my last relationship my ex had messaged another girl asking her to come over and hang out when we first started dating. I didn't find out until later and it led to our breakup. I have moved on from my past relationship and was finally in a good place. My new boyfriend and I have been taking it very slow for about 3 months (he knows what happened in my last relationship). About 3-4 weeks ago we decided to be exclusive. Things have been going very well until this past weekend/week. I felt some distance between us that hadn't been there before. We talked about it yesterday and he said he's been super tired from work (he works in surgery) so I get that and has wanted to have a little alone time. A texted popped up from a girl on his phone that said "are we still going to see a movie tonight?". Now he invited me over last mintue to talk. I didn't want to bring it up and was hoping it wouldn't bother me as much as it did. It hit a little too close for comfort.

I decided to text him saying "I have a feeling with the distance this past week and I remember talking with you about how terrible it was for my ex to message that girl and try to hang out with her. I know you'll be honest with me and I don't really think that's what's happening here, I had a feeling and want to make sure that isn't the case-you talking and making plans with other girls?" He messaged me back after work about his day and asking about mine but never answered my question. I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that the same thing is happening to me again without him answering. He's always been extremely honest with me but I am scared.


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  • I would suggest anything important not be communicated electronically. Society has created so much convenience in the way of social media that relationships are going down the toilet because we rely on our Electronics. pick up the phone and call him and ask him for a time that you can sit down face-to-face and talk about some things that are important to you. turn off the electronics during this meeting and ask him to turn it off if he values the relationship.

    • let me have this as well that it's important for you to stand up for your part in this relationship and if all else fails it's an experience that goes under your belt and prepares you for the next relation. don't bargain for bottom basement relationships.

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