We fell asleep on the phone together? What does this mean?

I have come close with this girl in college over the first semester and we have been on break for about a month. I like her but I am not sure if she likes me or is just interested in me as a friend. We had a lot of flirty and touchy experiences first semester, and we kissed too, but when I confronted her about our situation she thought we should just stay friends. We have texted a lot over break and it has been really flirty and tonight she wanted to talk on the phone. We talked for four hours and it was a little flirty but I also got some mixed signals. She asked me about other girls and stuff which I don't know why she would ask that. Then after awhile we both got quite and slowly fell asleep together on the phone. Why did we talk for so long and what does this mean? Is this something girls normally do with guys they like? I can't imagine this is a typical friend thing to do. Does she possibly have feelings but is too afriad to open them up? Thanks!

Thanks for the great opinions!! Any other ideas?
Does this tell me anything about how she feels about me?


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  • i had a friend that liked to do that, i have no idea why. anyway when ur on the phone for awhile it's a good thing lol. at least u can talk for awhile. even if i like him i wouldn't fall asleep on the phone with him...

    • Thanks!! So this would be a good sign then that maybe she is interested?

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  • Together both of you fell asleep?

    Well that means that you both truly enjoy talking to each other and you both like hearing each other voices so much so that you lose track of time and fall asleep while still on call.

    That's a good sign actually.


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  • Save some of that love for later, when you actually disagree on something.

    It's a great sign obviously. She sounds like a great investment. I'd definitely go "all-in" with a girl that easy to converse with.

    • Thanks!! But does this tell me anything about her feelings towards me? can't tell if this is a "friend" thing or more than friends.

    • It's up to you to find out.

      She did her part in giving you her time and signaling interest. Keep reeling and don't let this big kahuna off the hook.

  • Get serious with this girl.
    Date. and get intimate.
    If she wants to be 'friends', then walk away, break off all contact.
    The 'friendship' is over, it will dissolve like snow in the desert.

    • Why do you say the friendship is over?

    • It will end because she will find a boyfriend, or you will become her boyfriend.