Is he flirting?

I am interested in this guy. Really cute, basketball player, crazy sweet! We have hung out a few times, sat under the stars, talked for hours, went on a picnic in the park once. I've learned a lot about his family and stuff so it makes sense that he is as nice as he is. Hold doors open for me, insists to carry things, just a real gentleman. But I can't tell if he is flirting or he is just really nice. I try to flirt but not sure how it comes across. Subtle I suppose. But when I text him sometimes he responds with "hey you" and a smiley emoji. Not sure how to take it. I would love to just ask him but I feel like that is too foward and end up being weird.


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  • I think he likes you. I wouldn't straight up ask but you should make it subtly clear you're interested in him as well so he doesn't get the idea you just want to be friends.


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  • I think he likes you. :)

    • Haha why do you think so?

    • He seems very friendly and extra sweet, such as "hey you" which might suggest he likes you a bit.

      However to confirm it, I just need to know does he initiate text/conversations with you? And how he is with our people-girls/guys? As if he acts differently around you, might mean he could possibly like you.

      Message me? :) I would love to continue chatting! :)

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  • It sounds like you both have a nice chemistry in common, @youngfish, but with a bit More Time spent in 'Hung out' down the friend line, it could very well turn into a potential partnership.
    No, Silence is golden and don't say anything. He could grow these cold duck feet and go running back into the murky unpredictable waters that many toms today come out of.
    Instead, Continue to Nurse and Nurture a More in Store Friendship to see where it might go and flow, and be More friendly, Flirty yourself, Text him a little more as well, so you Might... Tell. His "Hey you" and a "Smiley emoji" is a sign that he could be a bit shy in one way but shows this in another way.. He could be being cautious himself as to Not scare you off.
    Ask him out and Begin your own Beguine. I see certain signs that are telling me he enjoys your company and No, Not just being "Nice," he is perhaps giving you some subtle hints that he might Feel is no big Deal to you.
    Good luck. xx

  • He may be everything you like.. But everything you desire sometimes ain't good for you. Hey you?

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