Giving your phone number to girls you just met?

So iam a college boy , and its fun, lots of friends guys and girls alike i have no problem talking to them in fact i meet new people everyday , i am usually not really that shy or anything but... here's the thing , i know that girls find me very good looking, i've been told, given signs, stared at... at you name it , some older woman even hinted that she wanted to have sex with me lol , its all good and fun but still , approaching girls at uni (lots of hot ones ) is not as easy as movies make it seem , for a start many come from different backgrounds so it may not be okay to approach some girls like how you would appraoch others , also a good potion of them seem to have BFs... keep in mind iam not talking about girls in my class , the ones i see everyday , i am talking about those girls i see once or twice a week and they show some strong signs of interest that even my friends have noticed.

cold approaching a girl and talking doesn't sound practical nor fun to do if there is a chance of getting insulted ( trust me it exists ) so i thought about just writing my number on a piece of paper and give it to the girl i find giving me strong signs , mainly because she's either studying and doesn't want to be bothered and girls are always in groups. what do you think?


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  • just do it man.