He gets jealous of me but not other girls. Does he like me more?

I have a guy friend (not best friends, but good enough), who I've known for around a year. We are both at university and he is somewhat of a flirt. However, several people (both mutual friends and people who don't know him) have said to me that he gets very jealous of me and always stares at me, which is something I have also witnessed.

He does not appear to get jealous when any other girl he has flirted or "else" with talks to other boys, yet
he gives any boys I talk to "death stares" and looked visibly confused/upset when he saw me kiss another boy. A friend of his also told me (albeit while drunk), that he really thinks this boy likes me.

Is it possible that he has unwillingly or unknowingly got feelings for me; i. e. never wanted or planned to, but does feel something more for me than other girls, whether he wants to or not?


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  • Sounds like he likes you... or is at least very protective of you for platonic reasons


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