Why is the girl I adore is afraid to enter a relationship?

Hey all,

So I'll give you a bit of backstory on my situation becuase I would really like some solid advice. I have been dating this girl for about 5 months now and we have gotten really close. At first she was hesitant and nervous around me but I've seen her open up and its been amazing. We know eachothers friends and families and have gone on trips and have been really physical too. They only downside is that she recently got out of a serious relationship about 2 weeks before she met me and is really nervous and confused on whether to start a new one (her past relationship was her first and lasted about 4 years she also said it was really complicated).

So now I know that she has feelings for me and we both care about eachother a lot but I think she is scared to enter a new relationship so soon, without having time to be "herself". We aren't seeing eachother right now becuase its pretty much gotten to a point where we start something or we end it...
I know she wants to be with me but it just sucks the timing is so bad. I want to start something but I dont know whether to wait for her or not


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  • maybe she lacks some self confidence.