"You Belong With Me"... Story of My Life!

So here's the deal everyone. My guy friend(also my crush) is really confusing me. During July we were talking everyday and he had just broke up with his girl of over a year.

Well I thought we were getting to the point of becoming more than friends(in August) when I find out that he is also talking to this other girl who I CANNOT stand. Well they actually go to school together so they see each other everyday. One day I asked him if they were dating and he told me they were. He knew I got kinda mad and I stopped talking to him. They broke up after a few days. Well she seems very obsessed with him and won't give up. Well now we have a class together at college and He looks at me like he needs to tell me something. We do our work together and he kinda gets jealous if I help some other guy. He jokes around with me a lot as do I with him. We just get along so well.He doesn't leave without me and he usually walks me to my car. He smiles A LOT when we are together and I think he likes me like I like him but there is still this other girl. Should I put our friendship on the line again and ask him about it or just keep waiting for him? And do you think he is starting to have feelings for me? I have never felt like this way with a guy before it feels so right to be with him romantically.


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