Ughh :// I can't tell if my friend likes me back?

Basically I like this guy I'm friends with and I got all the 'signs' he liked me, and my friend told me that he told her he liked me. But since I've found out ((I kind of already new because of how our other friends behaved and stuff like they made comments Yh lol) he has been acting really distant and not spoken to me as much, normally I'd like catching starring at me and we'd have cute little conversations and message each other - when he wouldn't message other girls- and stuff we also get the same bus home bc we live fairly near each other but today he said 'well I don't know if she's getting it BC other ones go to her house aswell' when usually he would get the same bus as me even once when it was a really long walk to his, I still see him staring at me and stuff but I don't think he likes me anymore and I don't really know what to do but I don't want to confront him eughhghhb it's all just awks


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  • Just be honest with them


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