Why my ex said this to me?

We are from different countries and when I came back home we decided to break up but we still talk sometimes.
I thought he didn't have any feelings for me but yesterday we were talking and he told me "You don't have to worry about me having a girlfriend and even if I have one I will dump her because of you, it doesn't matter who she is, she can not be better than you"

But still didn't want to have a long distance relationship with me. it means he loves me?


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  • He most definitely still has some sort of feelings for you. I'm not sure about love, how long were you 2 together for before the break up? Sounds like he has extremely strong feelings for you still.


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  • Honestly, it's a little strange for him to say that. It's hard to say if it means that he loves you though (you need to just ask him that), but...

    It sounds like maybe he's waiting for the right time where he's able to be physically in the same place/country as you, and then he'll want to be with you officially (again). I don't know why he's against having a long distance relationship again, but maybe to him he wants more... and to him, more means being in a relationship with you AND being physically in the same place/country as you.

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