The guy I'm dating asked me what I want for my birthday?

So I have my birthday coming up on Sunday and the guy I've been dating for 5 months now told me that he can't decide what to get me for my birthday. Last weekend he surprised me with out-of-town vacation to hotel & spa which was so amazing, since he isn't that type of guy who buys gifts and he has also told me that he hasn't get a gift for anyone for like 2 years. So I told him that the last weekend vacation was so good that I don't really expect anything from him for my birthday, because he paid for all of it + our dinner there cost almost 100€ and although I asked him to split it, he insisted that he'll pay. Which was also unusual, because we go to restaurants a lot and he has never offered to pay for me before. Why all this sudden change? I mean it's all good that he's like that but I'm just wondering... Anyways, then he told me that he still wants to get me something and I told him that if he really wants to buy me something so much, then the gift should involve me & him doing smth together, 'cause I prefer being together with the loved ones more on my birthday than getting gifts. He just said OK. Was it okay from me to answer to his question like this? I don't want him to think that I'm after his money because the last weekend's vacay really cost a lot for him and now I was basically referring that I would like something like this again for my birthday?

by the way we're both 21 years old. I go to work, he doesn't and gets all the money from his parents.


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  • Perfectly okay and a good answer at that us guys say OK all the time don't over think it I would imagine he is happy to get you whatever you want and if that means doing something together instead of a gift then that is just fine. We just want to make you girls happy and money means nothing to us when compared to making our girls smile.


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  • You weren't specific when it came to how much money he should spend, only that you want to do something together. That could be anything, from renting a movie together, to going on a similar spa + dinner thing. So it all depends on how he interpreted the answer and what he decides to do with it. If he spent a lot last weekend, it's probably likely that he won't spend as much again, and will probably go for something a bit more low-key. If you were a gold digger, you would have been more specific about what you want and what it should cost, so I doubt that he thinks you're only after his money (unless he's a dumbass). Also taking into consideration how this was basically the first time he treated you to something, I preeetty much doubt he thinks much of it, money-wise. You worry too much.


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  • 1) You're being a very good girl by trying to not take advantage.
    2) The sudden change could be that now he feels more comfortable than before -5 months is a good amount of time to gauge one's persona-
    3) Yes, your answer was great.

  • You're dating a jobless man, yikes


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