Trying to get her out of my head?

There is this girl that I really am interested in, but there are few things that makes me believe that she is not interested. First of all she would always find a way to bring up her ex-boyfriend. There was one point she stopped doing it, but recently she has done it again which makes me believe they might be together. As far as that I am not to sure I haven't asked her about it, but then she always tends to hang around this other guy and they have gone on a couple "dates," because I ended up at the same place with my friends as her and the guy. I say date, because they were by themselves one on one. So these things and the fact that even though we talk and everything, but I just feel that she might not like me like that. There are a few other things that make me wonder if she would even consider me, but as it stands I doubt it. My friends always joke around with me and tell me to ask her out, despite the fact of that she might be interested in the other guy. I just don't want to do that and everything gets awkward, since I see her around a lot.


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  • "She's into me, she's into me not." What, exactly, are you thinking, man? Don't allow your attraction for her to influence you to voluntarily involve yourself romantically or, and emotionally into a unfavorable situation.

    She's constantly bringing up her ex to you, which, if we are to listen to conventional wisdom, suggests she's yet to be over their demise as a couple. She's simply not over him and, or the issues that resulted from being with him. This alone should give you pause. It suggests she's seeking council, more so, I believe, than a relationship.

    As for the other guy; don't sweat it. He could be a mere friend of hers or she could have gone out on a couple of dates with him, neither of which should deter or concern you.

    Proceed with caution, if at all.