Understanding if a girl is in to you?

Just as the title says I never really know if a girl is really into me. Thus end up choosing the ones that just want to use me and not necessarily into me. I am looking for some advice on this and how to find the ones that would be more interested, like signs and certain things they would do? Not to mention I have a great fear of being cheated on.


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  • if a girl likes you she will make a great effort to talk to you or be around you as much as she can, she laughs at all your jokes, her friends always come up to you and will tease you or ask if you like her, she stares at you... a lot, she will accidentally "bump" into you every once in a while, she might fix or play with her hair when she's around you, she'll ask for advice, but it depends on the girl: some girls might be shy, outgoing, or stand-off-ish


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  • It's more like what you did or didn't do that enabled them to use you.

    For starters, did you take them on somewhat expensive dates or gave them gifts early in the dating process? Did you display an eagerness to date them, to please them, to keep their company? If yes, then there you have it.

    In the beginning stages of getting to know someone, if you yourself plan and expense a date, make sure it's inexpensive.

    Plan interactive dates so that you can easy evaluate their level of interest in you. Ask yourself, are they asking questions, making eye contact, and projecting positive body language? If the answer is yes, it's safe to assume that they are into you for who you are.

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