Guys, Why can't I get a BF?

I'm 16 and I've never kissed a guy or dated one I've never been asked out is there something wrong with me like I don't get it every one tells me I'm beautiful and my family says that I'm so pretty boys are afraid of me and I think that's bullshit but do you guys have any like advice for me tips on how I can get a guy to find some interest in me it honestly shouldn't be this hard once the most popular guy in school asked me to come over to his house and have sex (and he had a gf) so I know I'm not that ugly I just don't understand honestly boys are werid plzzzz help? 😅

And I know it's not my personality everyone also says I'm very nice


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  • You're 16 just take it easy, I didn't lose my virginity nor did I kiss a girl until my late seventeens. Just socialize with people and it will happen with time so just take it easy.

    • Sorry I didn't mean to sound desperate I just feel left out ya know?

  • Their just real nervous to talk to you I guess. Are you talkative?

    • Actually no I'm very shy😂