Should I keep trying to meet the one?

Honestly. I have no female friends. Tried for years and it seems they go away.
I have acne and body acne so I don't know. If I can't even get female friends how can I be sure a girl will look through my horrible skin.

I don't what is the deal. Are they shallow? Do college girls feel no need of a relationship?

Maybe I'm telling myself I will never get one but I don't know if I should try to get a girl and when she thinks it's just my face she will see my whole body and 1, she can't deal with it, 2, she will have to get used to it for a loooong time. Maybe as much as I had lol.


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  • I recommend a consistant Salicylic acid treatment like Aveeno Clear complexions
    foaming cleanser not because I think all women are that shallow but because I'm an esthetician and I'm betting it's more of an confidence issue and it's holding you back.

    • Oh please. I have more confidence than any other guy that I ever met. That shit doesn't work. Esthetician are useless for serious acne patients... just like half of the patients of a dermatologist.

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    • Yeah of course there is no cure, but there are several noteworthy treatments that have been very successful, the key to all of them is consistency. Often times it takes several months of using it every single day before you see results. On a side note, there has been some recent studies to suggest spikes in insulin can contribute to severe acne. Sugar.

    • I don't ingest that much sugar.

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