Being attracted to a different race, how should you approach them?

My sister is black and she is attracted to white guys, but she's afraid to approach them. What are some ways she could approach them?

She's not trying to compare black and white guys Smart people! She only wants to know how she should approach a white guy NOT a black guy.


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  • there's no difference between white guys and black, save for aggression. She might have to turn up the flirt a bit, but that's it.

    • She isn't trying to compare black and white guys.

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    • You made the comparative statement between black and white here: "My sister is black and she is attracted to white guys..."

      As you are the one who brought up race, then became enflamed by the very people attempting to help you, I've deemed you to be a troll. To be clear a troll is one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

      In fact you are downright rude. As such this will be our last communication. I highly recommend you adjust your attitude toward people in general and in particular the Samaritans of this site.

      Good day.

    • Irrelevant.

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  • I don't understand how approaching a white guy is different than approaching a black guy... why would you approach one guy differently than the other? Just because of race?


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  • Just because a person is white doesn't make them any different. Just approach the guy and say "hi".

    • Tf? Did you not comprehend the question completely?

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    • Gtfo my post with your ignorance.

    • You're 28 and clearly you don't comprehend the English language because I never even asked about a black guy you just decided to include them... so just stfu!

  • Just do it! White guys are guys just like any other.


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  • Approach them like anybody else. My boyfriend is the whitest of white guys (Scandinavian, has barely stepped foot on American soil) and I'm from the South. He came running to me and we've been stuck like glue.