How would one go about trying to seriously date an ex rebound?

Me and a new friend had breakups around the same time and we started dating each other not much after. (Like same day of her break up basically.) I didn't intend to treat the relationship like a rebound but I did, she did too, but I feel like we had something, just bad timing. She ended it but I want to try again ( not right now because it just happened but once I get my shit together) . How can I go about this? Is it likely a girl would go for something like that?


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  • Don't bombard her with texts and don't chase her around. Make her think that you have moved on with your life. Don't tell her that she is constantly in your head because that will scare her.

    • Thank you. Hmm what else? What would a guy you know was just a rebound have to do to make you want to be with him in a serious relationship?

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