What am I gonna do about my girlfriend?

I wanna have sex with my girlfriend but she doesn't want to. She's pregnant and she has a headache. I really want to do it but she's being really whiny she said she doesn't feel like it. What should I do? How can I make her feel better?


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  • Make her some weak tea for the headache. No painkillers (natch). YOU'RE the painkiller.

    Then start some nice, hot, steamy erotic, pregnant-lady massage. Concentrate on extremities. Avoid bellies.

    Work your way up to the area that got you in this situation. Make sure you're totally nude, by the way. Turn on that father-to-be charm. Channel your pent up sexuality in a manual manner.

    Best case scenario? She's down for it! Worst case? Status quo and kleenex!

    Good luck man.