The "sex after marriage type" how many months or years u take in relationship till u propose/marry?

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  • Depends on the connection with the person and life factors. It varies case. My parents knew eachother for a few years before they dated. My girlfriend's parents dated 3 months and were engaged for 4. He was in the navy and that was the timeline they worked with, and they've been happily married for over 30 years.

    Personally I won't marry someone until after we both graduate from college, undergrad at least. Personal rules.

    • That's very nice I love the old fashioned love story. Anyhow I'm just depressed that some need long relationship. But it's depends if there's collage then 3 years would fit. But for older people like 26+ should start marry after 6 month

    • I still stand by that is depends on the couple. Some need more time than others, it has to feel right. I've trusted my feelings thus far and I'm not going to start questioning them now.

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  • I smell a bad idea somewhere. I could be wrong.


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  • For most people? More than 2 years.