I want to ask out a girl but don't want to be wrong?

What I mean is that I don't want to misinterpret her intentions. Like me thinking she likes me but only as a friend. I'm not worried about rejection since I'm use to it, i just don't want to be. Here's some things she's done to make me think she's into me:
-stares at me when I walk towards her
- sometimes is quiet around me
-asked me to feel her wrist since it was soar and she was worried something was wrong
-talked about tanning booths and she was "I'm in there naked and it was weird". (Yay I pictured it lol)
-was talking to her about animals, she finished talking about pandas, I asked what else she knew. She giggled for no reason and said I don't know
There are other things she's done but really not needed to mentioned. I really don't want to be wrong in asking her out. I really like her. Help!


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  • I don't know, pal. Her behavior seems completely friendly to me, but I might be mistaken.


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  • Based on that, it could seriously go either way. Whether she's interested or not is only readable from her mannerisms and her enthusiasm, whether she stares at you a lot and whether she seeks to be close physically.


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  • What was wrong with her wrist?

    • Hey, what happened to her wrist?

    • She jammed it playing hockey

    • Mmhmm

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  • ask her out and see if it works? With some friends first, maybe a couple that you both know?

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