Girls, He has a son?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for two months. He is 18 and i'll be turning 17 relatively soon. Today we were on tje pjone and he out of nowhere tells me he has a son. i dont know why but i was really upset. He isn't a dead beat he has tried to see his son and get in contact but due to the baby's mother being a slightly irrational person she won't allow him to. i dont know how to feel about this. At first i was really mad for him not telling me and then really worried because my dating him is now like i am a step mother. I dont want to ne a mother at 16. maybe im taking this a lot worse and thinking too deep into it. And do not get me wrong I know we have only been datimg for two months and you're probably reading this, "Girl, seriously?" But please help i dont know whay to do. he got really dissapointed when i got mad. And i undrrstand that. I just... dont know how to feel or to react. I mean i love him... I love him a lot and i wanna be there for him but... i dont know. I dont plan on breaking up with him. I am just so baffled and upset. how would you have responded? what should i do? Help?

Please help


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  • Was in your position once. Dump him.

    • oh... what happened? If you dont mind telling.😓

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    • so why did you guys break up?

    • He said he wants to take care of his son