This girl is confusing me and I don't know what to do?

I know this girl from a class in collage. We used to text a lot but her ex was very close friends with her so I thought they would get back together. Then she asked me to her sorority formal. Couple weeks after formal I asked her out and she said no because she thought our personalities would clash. After that I was trying to be a friend with her for months. I just couldn't do it because I liked her too much. It just wasn't a friend feeling. I told her exactly how I felt and I told her me being friends with her is just a lie and I can't do it anymore. She said the 'liking' feeling is not mutual. I thought that was the end and I didn't text her for three months. She texted me on my birthday and she said that she was happy that I'm talking to her. There was a lot of details, but when I told her that I still like her and the feeling wasn't mutual, she told me that she never said that the feeling wasn't mutual. I told her you said that the last time we talked but she said that she didn't remeber. We went out for coffee, but she is still confused and hesitant. I don't know what to do. I really like her I even think that sometimes that I love her. She is confusing me I don't know why she came back or what she wants. Can anyone help me?


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  • me neither.