Which of these physical or personality qualities do you look for most in dating? I don't mean you can only have one, I just mean which is important?

  • Physically fit.
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  • Intelligent.
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  • Kind heartedness.
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  • Independence.
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  • Can cook.
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  • Good job.
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  • Agree with you on everything.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Kindness of heart. The others are worthless without a kind heart. 😊


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think agreeing with me on everything is a good thing. Because I'm just so fucking smart :) But I would want to know why she agrees with me and what makes her see it that way as well. I don't mean I want someone who agree's with me just because she likes me and doesn't want to have a "debate."


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What Girls Said 1

  • Only pick one? I picked kind heartedness. But there is always more to a person. For me he also needs to be intelligent and independent. A job would be nice too. I work and make good. He doesn't need a great job but he at least needs to try.


What Guys Said 3

  • Intelligence. I can live with pretty much anything, but if I can't hold an intelligent conversation with a girl I'm done.

  • G and D are actually bad for a healthy relationship

    • Yeah I added those to see how many would choose them.

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    • @Bliss-taylor Dependent as I see it would be that I would want someone whom would be the only person alive that I want to be sexually intimate and am with, also the only woman and person for that matter that I can let my emotional guard down, and only around her could I confide in with my deepest feelings - I would want the same feelings and dependence from her regarding myself.

      Its all about interpretations, but this "independent" thing has gone too far these days and you can see the repercussions in the news and on fb.

    • Ok I see what you mean. I agree to your description.

  • Intelligence would be a must. If not that then someone who is independent.

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