He "jokingly" flirts with me all the time?

So I've been really good friends with this guy for a while. We have the same group of friends. He "jokingly" flirts with me all the time... saying things like "you're so good looking today", or how he 'didn't need to hit on any girls at that party since he was already with the most beautiful girl in the room (referring to me), or how I should take the place of the nude model in his figure drawing class... all of which he says in a jokingly way. He kind of does this with a few of the other girls in our group of friends, too.

But... unlike with the other girls... we see each other almost everyday, or will at least talk or text each other everyday. We also cook a lot together... he will pretty much always offer to buy the ingredients. & On weekends he will buy us bottles of liquor to share when we go out to parties or whatever, won't make me pay.

He has a nickname for me based on an inside joke.

And... on valentines day we were going to make dinner together, but when I got to his place he had already made it for me. I feel like there are a lot of reasons to think he does like me as more than a friend, but since all the things he says and stuff are 'jokingly' said, it just makes me think he is not being serious.

How can I tell?

Yeah so I got my answer, & we are dating now!


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  • I don't think he's "joking" at all...he's into you! He may be not coming right out with it because he's afraid you'll reject the idea of being something more as you have only been "friends". He obviously does not want to lose the friendship, but I'm telling you, he is open to way more than that. Are you giving signals back that would let him know that you would like the relationship to go further too? Maybe you need to be a little more obvious so he gets the message loud and clear...then he will feel confident to make the move officially.

    • You were right, we've been dating for 4 months now :) lol

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  • Develop telepathic powers. That's what I did.


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