Asking someone a girl out whist you're at work yes or no?

Want to get your guys and girls take on this.

Would you say asking a customer out whist your at work is a big no no?

I work in a fairly big super market where the company has no policly on wether asking a customer out is acceptable or not. So I wouldn't be breaking any work rules.

I want to know how you would feel if you went into x and x shop to buy someone and one of the sale assistants asked you out?

Or maybe not out on a date but maybe asking her for her number or facebook or something like that?


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  • That's happened to me quite a bit and it's very flattering I love it!
    That being said... I've only given number back once because I was in relationship other times, so don't take it to personal if you don't get response hoped for just might not be right time =-)


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