Why is she not responsding?

why is she not responsding? it's been like 3 days. hasn't responded. but still has me as a friend?

any ideas on that one?


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  • Maybe she's busy? It could just mean she has a full and rewarding life. I go days at a time without talking to people, and my feelings for them don't change. I just have a lot of @!%# to do.

    • Ah I see. thanks for your opinion. you see me and girls just don't click here. it's just talk but no show. but then when i met her. i thought this one is special. this is the one I would like to keep in my life. it just seems 3 day is a long time to reply back. i'm feeling quiet heartbroken to be honest

    • That sucks... sorry to hear that. Hope you hear back from her soon!

    • Thankyou. i hope so too. have a great day :)

  • Well what do you mean by she has you as friend? but if u just met and she didn't reply to your text that means she is not interested just move on

    • oh I mean has me as a friend on facebook.

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    • fair enough I will take you opinion into consideration. thankyou :)

    • not at all and im sorry about that, hopefully u'll be fine :) be optimistic there's a lot of girls out there !!

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