Should I overreact when my boyfriend makes plans of his friends because I thought that I couldn't hang out at the time?

Basucally he asked me a week ago if we could go to hang out and I wasn't sure if I could and I didn't think that he would make plans with his friends that he sees every day at school so then yesterday i asked to hang out on Monday and he said sorry he has plans with his friends and I got hurt very much because I know that we can't see each other everyday due to the fact that we go to different schools and we live in different cities , so I thought that he would drop it to see me but he didn't so i don't think I should say sorry. And now he's saying that we argue too much what's the point of him fighting for me or apologizing and I asked him if he wants to be together still and he said he doesn't know💔.


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  • if you started an argument about that i don't think you should've , but if u didn't say anything about it and let it slide then that's good, because you said you weren't sure, he made plans with other friends, just try to understand him and try to look at his point of view, whenever a problem occurs like this don't start an argument again, and try to not judge things too fast, and to make arguments less if something happens talk it with a friend first then talk it with him so you would have more understanding, and i think you should not say sorry

    • Now he is ignoring me , I already apologized for starting the argument. I have texted him in Kik, Facebook messenger, by text, and called him 10 times. And 2 times in Facebook.

    • Awww hopfulley things work!! And dont call him again wait till he text u back... u already did what u had to do