I am not understanding why he's not texting back, what does that mean?

this guy i've known for 4 years we didn't talk much but now i knew he likes me a bit and he mentioned one time he was interested in me in a way when we were talking with a group of people... i didn't have his phone number before that so now i got it from a friend and texted him about a plan i was making for another friend to have a surprise birthday party, he didn't answer to the text and it's been one day, i don't mind when a guy don't text after 5 hours or 8 but i start getting concerned if it passes one day and up

does that mean he is not interested in me or he is busy or what?


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  • It's just one day! Doesn't mean that he's not interested in you, maybe he's busy with work or he hasn't his phone near him! Just wait and see

    • Does he responses?

    • Sorry didn't check this website for years lol but he responded after like 4 days I had to complain to my friend and I think my friend mentioned it to him, I forgot about him 😂

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