How to approach a Muslim girl?

I'm a Christian blsck male who likes a Christian Asian girl. I am aware in Islam dating is not permitting however I know plenty Muslim Girls who do so and I like a Muslim girl in my school. She is said to be religious however she wears only a hijab. She doesn't wear a burka to hide her figure or pray during school time (lunch time) and at times she swears. I want to talk to her as I've never spoken to her before but she is with her friends who usually follow the same trend with the exception of one or two. I can get her number of a friend of mine but I'm aware of how that can come across to her if I was to contact her so I want to get her number from her but I don't know how to get it as I don't talk to her or her friends and I want to get To know her first to make sure she is right for me and so she can get to know me and so she knows Im a genuine person. But this is particularly difficult as she isn't on any forms of social media. What should I do? I really like her.

I meant im a Christian male who likes a Muslim Asian girl. Sorry for confusion.


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  • well if you are in school u might have classes with her if you don't try to see what clubs she goes to if that's not possible as well just talk to her don't go up to her like you are going to ask her for a date, and don't tell your friends because they are going to make a noise and she'll know that you are trying to ask her out , it will feel awkward to her, and she will not be interested. well if she is Muslim try and ask her about her religion muslim girls love to talk about that and we will have a long conversation about it, get to know her religion then get to know her then if you really like her ask her to hangout not as a date but to chill then see how things go

    • Brilliant idea. I've never thought of that. Do you have an idea of how I could bring that up in a conservation as I've never spoken to her before?

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    • I have taken this onboard I really appreciate the advice. Thank you so much

    • your welcome :)

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  • Like you approche normal women just be modest don't say something perv ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Yes I understand but... I don't know maybe im overthinking๐Ÿ˜‚. It's just hard that her friends are always present

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    • @rania8 didn't know I apologies ๐Ÿ˜„

    • lol is fine xD

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