Should I text my boyfriend?

So I've been crushing on this guy for a while and today he asked me if I could message him often and I told him sure and he told me good because I'd like to talk to you often and I told him may I ask why and he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes so we chatted for a while and then all the sudden he stopped texting while I said something funny. I'm not like other girls where they repeatedly text their boyfriend it's been 4 hours and he hasn't read my text (there's a indicator that it's been read or not) we do not go to the same school so what should I do I don't want to be clingy or text him repeatedly so my question is what should I do and why did he stop texting me all the sudden? I'm just curious and don't want to be clingy

He didn't text me at all today I'm just curious how many times is a guy on his phone and when are most guys usually on their phone and if he didn't text today will he tomorrow?


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  • Your both made a big mistake, you guys started dating on social media, always a bad idea, creates a bad atmosphere at school take it from a 13 year old, Plus something probably came up when he was talking to you, if he doesn't talk to you for a few days then there is probably something wrong. And you should never date anyone who is not confident enough to ask you face to face to date him.

    • I wish I knew that when I was your age, yu is smart

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    • Oh, then be specific, you say you're texting then boom you're all the sudden dating.

    • Sorry didn't have enough Room to put that info in :)

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  • well if it's been only 4 hours don't worry about it, he might be busy, and he seems like he's interested in you, so just wait, maybe the next day he might text a good morning or a hey