How to tell if a Touchy (no bubble space) guy is attracted to you or slightly interested?

So this guy barely joined our class, is about 3 years younger than I & in the Marines.

He has no bubble space radar when he talks to me and sits next to me like we're glued. He smiles these Huge dorky smiles after making some good joke, or talking in this forced sexy voice. He often looks at me and I smile back. So I know he is funny, friendly and outgoing, but how do I know if he'd be slightly interested in me or if its just friendly? We've only known each other for 3 weeks so i know its too early to tell, but is driving me crazy since id like to go out with him. but im crazy shy-
This isn't creepy touchy, but friendly, even brotherly touchy. His bff is a girl so that is a factor. He reaches across from me apparently on purspose when he could easily go around me. Is it lack of respect? He gets in my face like we are gonna kiss, mere inches! And I may be thinking self centered here, but i swear he gravitates his eyes towards me when he does something funny - Most of the time. Other times, he looks at everyone else. So far Iv seen him act semi-normal bubble space with others in my class, but it's not much to go on.
How do you guys show attraction, even a slight attraction when you are normally like this?

I guess i am mostly worried because im a single mom and thinking who would want to date or even marry a women with a kid? THANKS GUYS


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  • If he is a marine, ask him straight out.

    "Marine, why are you so close too me?"

    He will answer you.


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