Ok so there's this girl that I really like and I wrote her a song is that too cheesy?

ok so i really like her and we text a lot one day our textes got deep and she told me bout some of the problems she's going through i write a lot of songs its what i do so i decided to write her a song do I don't know cheer her up a little i guess i think its prrety good im going to record it cause i have a home recording studio is it too cheesy to show it to her
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Most Helpful Girl

  • That is so cute, I would die if a guy wrote me a song... you have to sing it for her...

    • i was just going to record it and send it to her cause I don't know when i would be able to sing it to her cause we live in different towns

    • It'd be way cuter if you sang it, but whatever works

Most Helpful Guy

  • Just think of it as a gift. If you don't expect too much from her, you won't be let down


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  • I usually draw pictures for girls that I like. A song is usually a better gift just because they appreciate it more.

  • No it's not. I wrote a song for a friend just to make her smile.


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