Does it matter what kind of underwear she wears?

Mostly during hookups


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  • Couldn't care less. They're on the floor pretty quick

    • even if she keeps it on during hookup like your just making out in her bra and panties?

    • Still don't care

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  • Why would it matter? You'll only see them like once. Who even cares? You could probably show up in a sports bra and granny panties with skid marks and he wouldn't care.

    If you want someone to care what you wear, get a boyfriend.

    • I still want to hook up instead, i just didn't know if guys cared because i don't want him to

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  • Not to me. Ideally her underwear will be on the ground most of the time so it doesn't really matter

  • I dont hookup with girls so no it doesn't. I look for more important things like a good job, intelligence, looks, and responsibility, underwear is hardly as important as those things.


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