Is this waitress interested in me? Opinions please?

Me and my freinds go this sports bar once a week to watch the game, anyway we know one of the waitresses really well there. Im interested in one of the waitresses but never really tried to talk to her because she has a boyfriend and Im well aware she's makes money by flirting with guys. The one girl we know well there tells the girl im interested in her and nothing happens for months, One day out of the blue she starts talking to me, im like wtf, im also well ware its her job to start talking to the guests and didn't think anything of it and i didn't hit on her just basic conversation like how are you and stuff like that. This goes on for a couple months. The other day we were there and I forgot to tip the waitress Im interested in when we left because I was so pumped after winning a big bet on a game is just skipped my mind, she was teasing me the whole time during the game, saying like how could you bet that much on a game I would by shoes with that money. I come back that next week and this other girl we talk to comes up to me and says I need to talk to you, she's like "so so" thinks ur mad at her cause you never tipped her last time she texted me about it, im like oh shit Im not mad, im sorry I didn't mean to not give her a tip. Is the fact the waitress im interested texted the other girl soon after conerned I was mad at her a good sign or nah, she described the whole situation to her about her teasing me during the game and everything and soon as I see the one waitress the next week she confronts me about it, Is there any interest on her part I mean Im skeptical because she a waitress and paid to be nice and she has a boyfriend so help me out?


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  • Never assume someone who depends on your patronage to keep food on their table likes you. It's rude.


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