Girls, If you like a guy do you make an effort to text him first sometimes?

I really like this girl and I only get to see her a couple times a month, despite not seeing her much, though, she never texts me first. She never just texts me to check up, or see how my day is going, something all of the other girls I dated did at least every once in a while. Even some of my friends who are girls text me first with funny pictures, or comments or just to see how I'm doing, but in my entire time of knowing this girl (over a year) she has only texted me a few times, mostly to hang out. I dont text her much either just to talk or see how she is doing, but I text her quite often to hang out so I figure texting just to see how she is doing would be a little too much. Anyway I am just curious is this a common thing? Girls, if you like a guy will you try to text him, or would you be okay with not texting him? What do you think about my situation? If a guy doesn't text you to talk would you not text him to talk?

  • Yes, I text him first all the time just to talk
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  • Yes, I text him first every once in a while just to check up
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  • Yes, but I only text him to hang out or do something
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  • No, I dont text him much because I want him to text me
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  • No, I dont text him much and I dont really care whether or not he texts me
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  • I hate bothering people so I almost never text first. It's not like some nefarious plot XD

    Just ask her if that's something she does or if she has some other reason.


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  • I text first whenever I feel like.
    Sometimes I don't text first just cause I feel annoying. Besides that I generally DGAF

  • I texted him first and he thought I was too interested. Go figure. It makes me want to do very little of it in the future with someone else. My caring nature back stabbed me.

  • She doesn't like you that way.


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