Should I cut ties with my current SO after she danced with another guy to get back at me?

I really care about her and it hurts to say but we fight every time we go out whether it be over another person hitting on us and its mostly her starting there's been 3 times a girl has talked to me and I was friendly but responsible. I never called her out directly until tonight cause I'm chill even if pissed and I just saw her dancing with another guy and I and asked her to talk a minute and she defended herself by pointing out she was trying to get me back and show me how it feels. I said I may have talked to girls who were interested in me but I didn't grind on them like you did that guy and I am too pissed to look at you and left. She went home with her friends and asked if I got home ok but I didn't respond yet.


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  • That's so disrespectful. She made a foo out of you in front of everyone. If someone ever did that to me, I would ghost them. They would never hear from me again.

    • I may have deserved some form of "you need to appreciate me more" but seeing her do that and she said she "didn't see the big deal he just asked to dance and you were busy getting a drink " then saying it was "to prove a point" made me snap on the inside and I didn't ow up on her I kept it to myself but I wanted to scream at her but avoided causing a scene.

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    • Ignore her for 2 weeks.

    • thank you for the mho

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  • No you shouldn't. Its dancing. Clearly it annoys her your around other women who like you. Yes its not tit for tat but shouldn't end ut over something so stupid

    • Well I don't push myself around them its if they comment at a bar I will be friendly but never act on it. I sure as hell never danced with another girl when we were together. We talked today and she said we will start a new and we set up a lunch date.

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