He hasn't texted back in two weeks?

I met Jeff in March. His class was right after mine at our university's recreational facility. After a bit of conversation he asked me if I wanted to go to his tennis club. I went and he gave me a ride home.

Then, we started texting. At the end of the semester he took me out to dinner. Jeff had graduated and I had finished my junior year. I was taking a summer class at our university so he visited me a few times for the six weeks I was there (2 hours from where he was). We didn't get to see each other a lot but texted every day.

Later there were a few times he was supposed to come over to my house to hang out since he drives by where I live to go to his family's cabin, but he would never leave early enough complaing of traffic. I never got an invite to drive to his house.

Once my senior year started, he would visit me when he was annoucing football in the area for another local college. He would never come until late. During the summer he got a job, so he couldn't leave until around 6/7pm. But he was coming steadily later. He said he didn't want to deal with traffic. In Nov. he said he'd visit but he never came. The next day he apologized when I asked what was up and he said that it was so late he didn't want to bother me. I had told him earlier to at least text me when he was close to town. He didn't visit me after his gig either even though he had offered to. He claimed later that he gets too wild up from announcing.

We talked on the phone and he said it's hard with the distance but a relationship between us is the end goal but also, "it's not like we're dating or anything." Fast forward and now he hasn't texted me in 2 weeks.

Don't have his number because of phone issues that deleted all of my contacts/photos.

I feel the answer is obvious, that he's being shady and obviously isn't interested. But don't I at least deserve a goodbye?

What did I do wrong? And how do I stop thinking about him, it's annoying to be caught up on someone who doesn't care?


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  • bad friendships are like bad drugs they aren't good for you and they bring you down and if that's the case then it's probably in your best interest two close the store. stop being a candy shop for him to shoplift your emotions and steal your attention. just cut it loose and move on to the next real friend.


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