Need help on keeping this going?

I love this girl to death. But we fight way to much and even though its not always my fault her parents always blame it on me. I just want help because I love her and don't want to lose her. A lot of the reasons we fight is because she lies a lot and hides stuff from me and with my past, it worries me shell cheat just like my xes. Just can y'all give me some advice how to keep this going cuz I feel like giving up.


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  • You're going to lose her because of your beta ass mind set bro. Need to change that.

    • You need to lose the glasses. Solid 2/10 at best bra. Shave those pubes off your face bra they look nasty. This sloot is most likely already cheating you you if you think she is bra. Sloots gon sloot. If she's hiding stuff from you than thats a red flag bra. If you keep getting cheated on thats for a reason bra. You're sloots don't respect you and thats a problem bra.

      You need to stop acting beta as fcuk saying things like I love the girl to death bra.. Get on the misc and acquire aesthetics. brah. Follow Jeff Seid and watch zyz videos. You can ask anything on the misc brah. Misc will help you slay sloots brah. You need to dbol and decca brah. Need to tren hard brah. Join the misc brah.

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    • OP.. what is your swag on a scale from 3-6 braw?

    • Funny thing is BRA. I'm on the football team bra. I'm being recruited by colleges bra. Y'all are kinda disrespectful to be saying that some real guys actually want a relationship not a fuck buddy