What steps should a girl take to get a chance with a guy she has identified?

I have recently started a new job and i love the environment.
A year ago i was dumped by someone who meant a lot to me and that was my first relationship.
i have found that after that experience i have been keeping people at a distance but i also don't wanna end up alone. There's a guy at the company i work for who is in a different segment but i think he is really cute and i have a little crush on him.
i am so scared of knowing him and liking him only to be hurt.
do you think its okay if i take the steps to get to know him or should i wait til he shows initial interest?

I'm 23 and he's a year or 2 older


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  • Yeah, you should try interacting with him, and see how it goes. Otherwise, he will never know that you're crushing on him.

  • You should try and get to know him.
    The same rules don't always apply. He could be better than your ex.


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