Why won't he leave me alone?

OK so I was going out with this guy and we only dated for about 2 weeks and I broke up with him because he wasn't who he said he was and lied. and ever since then he's always calling texting me and he bought me a necklace and flowers and I told him I couldn't take them. then a few hours later he texted me and said that he carved my name in his leg and that he was gonna kill him self since there was no point in living. and he won't just let me go. And I don't know how to make him stop.


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  • I agree with ryanontario, this guy has serious issues. He isn't your responsibility. Threatening to kill himself because you won't date him? Most of the time people do it for attention not realising how pathetic they sound but some do have issues. Either way it isn't your problem, tell him to leave you alone or you will call the cops. That's how I've dealt with problems like that before, the thought of the cops scares them.

  • he sounds like he has some issues that need to be worked on before he tries to date anyone , in other words he is not ready to date in the first place . so its really his problem that needs help here , your just a girl he happened to meet

    • Hes two years older than me and I tol him I didn't feel comfertable with him. every time I try telling him to stop he's like "oh ill go kill my self since I'm not good enuff" I told him that wasn't it I'm juss not comfertable.

    • Either way its really his problem and he isn't even ready to date a real live girl it sounds , he needs to focus on his personal problems first and get his life together

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