How can I get a friends with benefits back?

This girl, who I was friends with for about a year, always had a really good connection with each other. We like the same music, have the same sense of humor and enjoy a lot of the same things. She is 20 and I'm 23 and she got out of a rocky relationship 2 months previous to our little fling. One night she came onto me and invited herself round mine the day after. We had sex twice over two weeks and things were excellent. She told my best friend that she likes me and doesn't want to mess things up and I liked her too.

Things were really good but suddenly her mood changed and she went cold on me. The hot and cold thing went on for a few months and on new years day, after a disaster night she spent with another lad (sex didn't happen because of his shocking egocentric personality) she said that she likes me a lot but isn't in the right place emotionally for a relationship. I've also come into problems with job security at work and I don't want a relationship with anyone until I feel right. I wouldn't rule out a relationship with her in the future because of how good we would be together.

I want to know how I can reignite the flame we had a few months ago because the sex was amazing and we had some good times in those few weeks. Nothing would make me happier than having this beautiful girl back in my life as a friends with benefits again whilst we both aren't in the right place for commitment?


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  • flirt with her.