Went on one date, we keep texting but she is too busy for a second date?

So I met this girl online and we went on one date. I thought it went pretty well. She was playing with her keys at the end and we kissed before I let her go.

We have been texting the entire week and sending each other snapchats. I scheduled another date with her but she then said work came up. I let it go but I asked about her schedule on other days. She seemed to be pretty free, but she didn't try to reschedule. I told her I will be going on a trip soon for 6 weeks and she just mentioned she will try to make time but didn't bother trying to set up an actual time? What are your thoughts on this? Is she really interested?


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  • She could be busy. On the other hand, she may have or entertain dates or hangouts with others suitors. Especially if she's attractive. Neither of which, though, implies disinterest in you on her part. Neither of which, in my opinion, should deter you.

    Now get back in there.