Is it hanging out or a date?

This guy said to me "We should hang out soon!" so we agreed to hang out and I told him he can decide what we do (I'm boring and I always just go to a restaurant). He's typically really flirty with me when we talk or snapchat, so is this a date or are we hanging out as just friends? It's just going to be the two of us


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  • Well, why don't you decide for yourself? And for Pete's sake, dress that self confidence up.


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  • Whether it's a date or hangout is all perception based.

    A hangout and date is really the same thing.
    You enjoy each others company and get to know each other well.

    A hangout however, is used to imply that two friends are getting together.

    A date is implied to show romance towards a person.

    Some people use the terms interchangeably without much thought.

    Don't let being politically correct define how you view how you both share your time together.

    Even if he used the words "hang out" that has nothing to do with how he views you.

    You're a girl he clearly likes, that wants to spend time with.

    • Thank you! This is an amazing way to look at it. I guess saying that it's hanging out also takes off the pressure of a "date". You don't have to try as hard to impress, or that first date kiss, and everything like that.

    • No problem :)

  • I would read that as hanging out. To me, a guy would say that he wants to take you on a date and then make arrangements to do something to impress you. I think the inviting you to hang out initially was to see if you were receptive to spending time with him alone. He may hang out with you in the beginning only to move into other territory later down the line.

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