Why he doesn't keep in touch?

Hello you!
So there is this guy I met 2 months ago he seemed really interested in me. Well, I don't say that's not the case anymore but hey, im
not in his head.
Actually that's the 4th time we see each other he always call me to make plans to go out or eat something but when we part he never texts me or else... And then he calls me maybe like 1 week later to plan something else.

I find it weird... or maybe he just wanna take things slow? Cause that's what I want cause I'm not in the right place for the moment. Or maybe he just don't care and calls me when he's bored?


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  • Perhaps he doesn't want to seem desperate or overeager to date you or to converse with you.

    Following an evening out, have you ever called or text to thank him or to convey the good time you had with him?

    • Well after the evening out he always give a ride home and before leaving I tell how pleasant it was and that I really liked that. And we end up kissing and then I go home. So I don't know

    • Try calling him or simply sending him a succinct text reiterating your appreciation.

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