Why does my boyfriend think that it's okay to allow all these girls cling on to him even though he's with me?

He tells me that he "can't help being popular" and that it's practically okay for all these girls to just talk to him. I can't keep a close eye on him to make sure that he's doing nothing. He promises me that I'm his number one, but I told him that I don't want to be his number one, because I want to be his "only one" that comes to mind. He says that he loves me, but his definition of love is like=love. I'm very insecure and because of that I get jealous rather easily, but I don't want this to be a reoccuring issue.


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  • Does he let any guys do that to U?

    • He tells me that it's fine if other guys talk to me all the time, but I don't feel alright with it. It makes me feel like I'm being unfaithful/our relationship is just some open type. He actually told me that it's fine if we broke up and I started dating his best friend.

    • He sounds balanced and totally fair then. I guess you 2 aren't compatible.