Was he just looking for sex?

Last year I met a guy online and he seemed really nice he had a great job very educated We started to text each other but it stopped because I was so busy with school and work but he would still reach out to me every month I saw that he was very persistent and decided to put in the effort and get to know him better The problem arrived when every time we arrange a meeting to see each other it would be at his apartment my response would always be I am nother comfortable meeting you first time at your house but u can take me out and he would say ok lolThis one evening I decided to go over we made out for a bit and I decided to go home before anything else happened. The next day he asked me to come over and this time I decided not to compromise again and I said u can take me out he then responded "ok lol" I told him that seemed like Itwasn t going to happen and he said u said that not me so I directly asked him are we going to ever spend time outside of your apartment he said yea I said are u sure because I m not trying to be in any situation like that he then got very aggravated and said he doesn t have time to lie and he doesn t like to be questioned I then apologize if I were being annoying but I was in that situation before and was trying to avoid it again he then told me I was either insecure or had trust issues when I asked if wanted to continue he said yes but he s gonna fall back a tad bit, I never replied to him and now I m just very confused has to what happened


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  • yeah a lot of guys are like that. selfish.
    they think they can get naive girls to be delivery callgirls. don't fall for it.

  • Seems like it.